Registration - Consent Forms

These forms are to be completed in addition to the online registration tool. Completed forms can be returned in-person or by email to

Cadet Handbook

This handbook is designed for new recruits at 1910 RCACC.

Corps Organizational Chart

Who do you speak to if you have a concern? This is an outline of staff and cadet positions of responsibility at 1910 RCACC. Please speak to the next person above you in the Chain of Command. 

Cadet KOCR Brass Quiz

1910 RCACC is affiliated with the King’s Own Calgary Regiment (KOCR). Cadets at the rank of Master Corporal and above can earn the privilege of wearing the KOCR cap brass by completing the quiz. Please speak with a staff member.

Absence Form

Report an absence 

Cadet 365 Resources


CJCR Dress Instructions

A summary of the Orders of Dress. See the Cadet Training tab in Portal for the full CJCR Dress Instructions.

Canadian Forces Manual of Drill & Ceremonial


Measurement Guide

Measuring instructions for uniform sizing

Support Resources for Cadets and Adult Staff

Free, confidential counseling services available to all CF members, staff and cadets. 

LGBTQ Resources

LGBTQ groups, services, online resources, and other media

LGBTQ Supports and Services

Counselling and support offered by The Centre for Sexuality