1910 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps Sponsoring Committee

The 1910 Sponsoring society is a not-for-profit charity established to run the business of supporting 1910 RCACC. It is not part of the Canadian Forces. It consists mainly of parents/guardians of Cadets enrolled in our Corps but can involve various members of the community. Every parent/guardian who has a Cadet in the program is automatically a member of the 1910 Society. The Society is responsible for generating funds to meet the Corps many financial needs.

In addition, the society organizes volunteers for non-Cadet based activities. We support the Corps by:

• Running the Canteen during parade nights

• Assisting Cadets in preparation for Boards

• Providing volunteers for Cadet activities as directed by the CO

• Renting, purchasing and maintaining non DND equipment

• Maintaining the Corps headquarters

• Sponsoring Citizenship Tours

• Recruiting activities, as well as advertising and promoting the Corps and the Cadet program

• Providing facilities for optional training events that may include catering

The Society meetings are open to all parents. Meeting dates will be announced in the calendar. The meetings generally last about two hours and cover the general operation of the Corps. We strongly encourage all parents to attend these meetings as a wealth of information is shared about Cadet functions, the progress being made toward special activities and initiatives, date or schedule changes, and opportunities to ask questions and gain a better understanding of the program. Please consider sending at least one parent/guardian to take notes.

The Society, as a registered charity, must annually elect an executive volunteer board of directors. These individuals work on behalf of all members in roles defined by the Society’s By-laws. The executive works in partnership with the military side of the corps represented by the Commanding Officer and staff, and the Army Cadet League. The executive meets most parade nights and provides progress reports at the meetings. Any parent is welcome to attend the executive meetings, dates for which are published in the calendar and updated on the website. As well, members are encouraged to run for a director position at the Annual General Meeting, typically held in May of each year.

Although the efforts of the Committee seem large, many volunteer members share it. We strive to make most fundraisers into fun events for members and Cadets alike. Considering the opportunities provided free to your Cadet, the effort is a small one. Please come out and see what you’re missing!

Have questions? Contact us at 1910supportsociety@1910armycadets.ca