Meet Our Staff!

Lieutenant (Navy) Casara Ogilvie Commanding Officer

Lt(N) Ogilvie has been a member of the Canadian Armed Forces Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC) since 2012. She started in the Canadian Cadet Organization as a sea cadet and have worked with both sea and army cadet corps since enrolment. 

Lt(N) Ogilvie has always been an enthusiastic participant in the program. She has filled various positions, supporting the program at local and regional levels, with a focus on corps training and administration and the expedition and music training programs. 

In 2020, Lt(N) Ogilvie 
assisted Capt Zane Williams in the stand up of 1910 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps (RCACC). Lt(N) Ogilvie is now the Commanding Officer (CO) after accepting command of the corps in 2023.  

Civilian Instructor Andrei Curioso

Mr Curioso first started as an army cadet at 14 at 1292 (LdSH) RCACC. In 2020, he left to pioneer with 1910 RCACC as one of the Corps’ first cadets, eventually becoming the RSM. After aging out, he returned to 1910 as a Civilian Instructor, contributing further to the establishment of the new Corps. He recently stepped into the role as the new Administration Officer, now managing its communications and documentation.

Awaiting confirmation for his application with the Cadet
Instructor Cadre (CIC), Mr Curioso remains dedicated to fostering the growth of the next generation, seeking to continue the spirit of leadership and service he gained from being a Cadet.



Civilian Instructor Ken Baron

Mr Baron previously served in a training officer role at 3016 Calgary Highlanders (Airdrie) as a Second Lieutenant in the Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC), as well as a reservist at 746 Comm. Squadron Tecumseh, in Calgary. He rejoined the cadet program at 1292 Lord Strathcona in 2019 before the corps divided into a secondary corps, now known as 1910 RCACC.

Mr Baron works as part of the training team and is the Marksmanship Team Coach. He is encouraged and motivated to be a part of the program. He is eager to assist and encourage today’s youth to get out of their comfort zone, challenge themselves, push boundaries and become young leaders in the program. 

Civilian Volunteer Adam Hurley

A Canadian forces veteran of a decade service with the Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) Regiment, Mr Hurley served on many domestic operations, as well as travelled multiple locations around the world within the military. Mr Hurley was a leopard 2a4m driver and gunner and holds armoured vehicles qualifications on Coyote and Lav III with ldsh(RC) before retirement in late 2017. Once released he pursued EMS training, becoming a paramedic, and has resided in Calgary since.

In Mr Hurley’s earlier days, he was part of 52 Air Cadet Squadron. Cadets was a big part in his life growing up, and he was always part of uniformed groups such as cub, scouts and cadets. Cadets taught him valuable skills and life preparation, before joining the regular forces. 
In 2022, Hurley wanted to give back to the Cadet Program that helped him so much, and joined 1910 RCACC in hopes of one day becoming a Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC) Officer. 

Master Corporal Brock Belanger-Smith

MCpl Belanger-Smith is the Regimental Liaison NCO for  1910 RCACC. He has been involved with the cadet program since 2012, when he enrolled as a cadet with 52 RCACS.

In 2016, he enrolled in the King’s Own Calgary Regiment (RCAC). During his time with the KOCR, he has been posted around the country and has taken a multitude of courses including Psychological Operations and several Armoured specific courses. He was deployed twice domestically during the COVID-19 pandemic, assisting the Red Cross Volunteers in border screening and Force Protection.